Storms through out Israel with record high of snow fall in north

Mt. Hermon ski resort closed over heavy show; Heavy rain, wind and sand storms in central and southern Israel

Snow in northern Israel (Avihu Shapira)

Snow in northern Israel (Avihu Shapira)

Israel experienced heavy rain, sand and snowstorms Tuesday into Thursday, the storms to continue into Thursday night.

The center of Israel experienced minor flooding but was affected heavily by sand storms. The region also hit by heavy windstorms. The south of Israel was largely affected by sandstorms and heavy winds.

The north of Israel, including the Golan Heights, Sfat, Mt. Hermon and areas through out the Galilee have experienced heavy snowfall. Snowstorms affected the region three weeks ago with spring weather until Tuesday evening.

The snowfall caused minor accidents and heavy traffic Wednesday. Ski resorts on Mt. Hermon were closed on Wednesday due to the heavy snow but reopened on Thursday, snow falling on Israel’s northern mountains at 1,000 meters above sea level.

The large amounts of snow fall are beneficial to Israel as the snow will melt and increase Israel’s water supplies including rivers and the Sea of Galilee.