Iran proposes bill to increase nuclear activity in event of additional sanctions

Bill to be voted in coming days; US Senate Banking Committee vote 18-4 in favor of toughening sanctions if talks fail

Iranian Parliament

Iranian Parliament

Iranian lawmakers have drafted a bill in its parliament to increase nuclear activity if additional sanctions are placed on Iran by the Untied States. The bill also calls for a final agreement with world powers on a final agreement that will remove all sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The proposal, which is set to be reviewed and submitted later this week, was signed by over 220 lawmakers Monday. Chief of the Iranian Parliament’s Nuclear Committee, Ibrahim Karkhaneyee stated on the bill that it requires “the government to annul the Geneva Interim agreement and resume all its nuclear activities in case of intensified US sanctions. Based on the bill, removal of all sanctions at once is the Islamic Republic of Iran’s precondition for implementation of any comprehensive nuclear deal.”

The First Vice Speaker of the Iranian Parliament Mohammad-Hassan Aboutorabi-Fard stated on the proposed legislature, “If the U.S. Congress makes the slightest move to ratchet up sanctions, Majlis [council] will instruct the government to take measures to further advance its nuclear objectives and [increase] uranium enrichment for peaceful purposes as much as needed by the country.”

The proposed legislation comes during large debates in the United States Congress on additional sanctions on Iran if nuclear talks are to fail. President Obamas has made clear that any bill passed by Congress on increasing sanctions on Iran would be vetoed.

On Thursday, the U.S Senate Banking Committee voted 18-4 to toughen sanctions on Iran if a final deal is not made by the set June deadline. The vote however will not be made until after March 24th, negotiations between world powers and Iran set to end in March.