Netanyahu: Nobody is immune from our intention to foil attacks against us

PM addresses recent attacks and tension on Syrian and Lebanese border to cabinet, confirms Israeli airstrikes; Nasrallah confirms deployment of additional Hezbollah forces in Golan Heights

Netanyahu ahead of cabinet meeting Sunday (Emil Salman)

Netanyahu ahead of cabinet meeting  (Emil Salman)

Prime Minister Netanyahu stated in his weekly cabinet meeting that Israel would do all it needs to prevent attacks by neighboring states amidst growing tensions and continued threats from officials within Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

The Prime Minister stated that Israel has “proven that nobody is immune from our intention to foil attacks against us. Thus we have acted and thus we will continue to act” adding that, “Today the cabinet will be briefed on recent events on our northern border. On Friday, the defense minister and I visited our soldiers who were wounded in the terrorist attack on the northern border. I was very impressed by their determination and their desire to rejoin their comrades at the front and defend our country” in reference to the seven IDF soldiers who were wounded last week in an attack by Hezbollah on an IDF patrol vehicle. Two soldiers were killed.

In the past two weeks Israel has performed two military strikes on Syria. On January 18th Israel targeted two envoys, which killed 6 Hezbollah militants and 6 Iranians soldiers, one of which was Mohammed Ali Allah Dadi, a former commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. Following the attack, Hezbollah and Iranian officials threatened retaliation on the Jewish state, thousands attending the funerals of those killed in the airstrike.

A week later, two rockets were fired from Hezbollah into Israel, IDF artillery forces responding to the source of the fire immediately. Overnight January 28th, the Israeli Air Force targeted Hezbollah affiliated military targets in Syria.

On the same day, Hezbollah attacked an IDF patrol vehicle on the Lebanese border, killing two IDF soldiers, Captain Yochai Kalangel, 25, and Sergeant Dor Nini, 20. The terrorist organization notified peacekeeping forces of the United Nations on the border that they did not intend to escalate the conflict with Israel.

Captain Yohai Kalangel, 25, and Sergeant Dor Nini, 20

Captain Yohai Kalangel, 25, and Sergeant Dor Nini, 20

Head of the terrorist organization Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, confirmed over the weekend that Hezbollah is deploying more forces into the Golan Heights. He called Israel’s strike in Syria, which spilled a “fusion of Lebanese-Iranian blood on Syrian territory” as “foolish” stating that Hezbollah “do not want a war but we are not afraid of it and we must distinguish between the two and the Israelis must also understand this very well… We have the right to respond in any place and at any time and in the way we see as appropriate.”