Fallen IDF soldiers laid to rest Thursday

Separate ceremonies held for IDF soldiers killed in Hezbollah attack; Hezbollah informs UN peacekeeping forces they do not want escalation; Netanyahu accuses Iran as responsible for attack


Major Yochai Kalangel laid to rest in Mt. Herzl (Jpost)

The two IDF soldiers killed in an attack by Hezbollah on Wednesday were laid to rest on Thursday, thousands attending the funerals. The soldiers were killed when Hezbollah attacked their patrol vehicle, leaving 7 others wounded.

Major Yochai Kalangel, 25, was laid to rest in Israel’s Mount Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem. Kalanhel was the father of one, his wife currently pregnant with their second child.

Staff Sergeant Dor Nini was laid to rest in a cemetery in Shtulim close to his home. He was 20 years old.

Hezbollah has reportedly notified the UN Peacekeeping force UNIFIL that the terrorist group is not interested in conflict with Israel. Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon confirmed the message from UNFIL stating, “Indeed, a message was received. There are lines of coordination between us and Lebanon via UNIFIL and such a message was indeed received from Lebanon. I can’t say whether the events are behind us. Until the area completely calms down, the Israel Defense Forces will remain prepared and ready.”

Prime Minister Netayahu accused Iran as responsible for the attack, stating Thursday, “Today, Iran is the one arming, organizing, funding and launching its messengers of terror on our borders in the north and the south. This is the same Iran that is now trying to get an agreement with world powers that would leave it with the capability to develop a nuclear weapon and we strongly oppose this agreement.” He added that the State of Israel will “do all to defend itself both near and far”.