Two rockets fired from Syria into Israel, IDF retaliates

2 rockets fired from Syria into Israel, IDF retaliates to source of fire; Code Red Siren heard through out Golan Heights

IDF soldiers on the Israeli-Syrian border (Reuters)

IDF soldiers on the Israeli-Syrian border (Reuters)

Two rockets were fired from Syria into Israel Tuesday afternoon near Mount Hermon. Initial reports claim the rockets hit open areas and no injuries or damages were reported. Explosions were heard in the Golan Heights and a Code Red Siren to alert residents. It is unclear whether the rockets were a spillover from Syria’s civil war or intentional.

The IDF retaliated targeting the source of the fire with 20 artillery shells.

IDF Spokesperson Peter Lerner confirmed the explosions, releasing the statement: Confirmed 2 rounds struck the Golan Heights, IDF has instructed the evacuation of Mt. Hermon more to follow.

The IDF has instructed the evacuation of over close to 1,000 visitors skiing in Mount Hermon. An official stated, “Following this, the IDF instructed to evacuate the visitors from the Hermon site … the IDF is also at the scene.”

Security has been tight on both the Syrian and Lebanese border following two Israeli airstrikes in Syria on January 18th in which 6 Hezbollah militants and 6 Iranian soldiers were killed.

The IDF has placed northern residents on alert since the attacks, following numerous threats from Hezbollah and Iran of retaliation. Last week, an Iranian officer of the Revolutionary Guard threatened an attack on Israel from the West Bank.

As a security measure, the IDF deployed Iron Dome missile batteries to the north of Israel and performed a joint drill with the Northern Command. The Israeli Air Force was also part of the military drill.

Additionally the IDF installed concrete blocks on the border with Lebanon, as well as increased artillery, infantry and armored forces in the region.