IDF, Israeli Air Force and Northern Command hold military drill Friday

Amidst tensions on Lebanese and Syrian borders, IDF, IAF and Northern Command hold military exercise; Defense Minister addresses threat on Jewish state from Hezbollah and Iran

Ya’alon, Northern Command chief Maj.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi Friday

Ya’alon, Northern Command chief Maj.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi Friday (Israel Defense Ministry)

Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon visited the Northern Command headquarters in Safed where the IDF later participated in a military exercise following tensions on Israel’s border with Syria and Lebanon.

The IDF reported its decision following a “situation assessment” this past week, both the IDF and Israeli Air Force participated in the exercise with the Northern Command

Ya’alon stated during his visit that Israel must be “prepared for any attempt to challenge us in light of calls heard on the other side.. We must continue to keep calm and be patient, and know how to respond in the most suitable manner, which will clarify to all who try to harm us that we will not tolerate provocations from any area”

He added that, “Israel will view governments, regimes, and organizations that lie beyond its northern border as being responsible for what happens in their territory, and it will know how to exact a price in any case of harm to Israeli sovereignty, civilians, or soldiers.”

His statement comes after an Israeli airstrike in Syria Sunday that targeted two envoys, killing 3 Hezbollah militants and 6 Iranians. Amongst those killed was Jihad Mughniyeh, Hezbollah’s commander of the Syrian Golan sector.

Following the airstrike, several threats were made by Hezbollah and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, its head, Mohammad Ali Jafari, stating that there is now “a new beginning point for the imminent collapse of the Zionist Regime” and that Israel should expect “devastating thunderbolts”.

Ya’alon told northern residents of Israel “to maintain their daily routine, and listen to IDF instructions if necessary. We will continue to act with determination, responsibility, and sound judgment to safeguard the security of Israeli civilians.”