6 Hezbollah militants, 6 Iranians killed in Israeli airstrike Sunday

6 Iranians, including former Revolutionary Guard and 6 Hezbollah militants confirmed killed in Israeli airstrike Sunday; Thousands attend funerals, line streets calling “Death to Israel”, “Death to America”; IDF deploys Iron Dome batteries to northern Israel

Thousands attend funeral of Hezbollah Jihad Mughniyeh (AFP)

Thousands attend funeral of Hezbollah militant Jihad Mughniyeh (AFP)

Reports from a Hezbollah affiliated newspaper reported Monday that two rockets fired by an Israeli helicopter on two targets in Syria Sunday killed 12. According to numerous reports, six Hezbollah fighters and six Iranian soldiers were killed. The strikes were carried out 7 kilometers from the Syrian-Israeli border.

According to an Iranian news website, Dana, a former commander of the Sarallah Brigade of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Mohammed Ali Allah Dadi, was killed in the attack along with the son of Hezbollah operative Imad Mughniyeh, Jihad Mughniyeh. The report stated, “Following the Zionist aggressions against the resistance in Syria, General Mohammad Allahdadi, a former commander of the Sarollah Brigade of the Revolutionary Guard, was martyred along with Jihad Mughniyeh and three others in the same car.”

According to various reports from Arab media, the Israeli airstrike hit three envoys with the militants, other reports claiming two vehicles. Irananian media reported the six killed as Commander Mohammed Ali Hassan Abu Al-Hassan, 30, Razi Ali Dawi, 27 Jihad Mughniyeh, 25, Mohammed Issa, 43, Abbas Ibrahim Hijazi, 36, and Ali Hassan Ibrahim, 22.

Thousands attended the funeral for Mughiniyeg, shouting “Death to Israel”. Thousands in the Shiite neighborhood of Ghobeiri in Beirut, a major Hezbollah region, took to the streets calling “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”.

Monday evening, Iron Dome batteries were deployed to northern Israel along the Lebanese and Syrian borders. The IDF has raised alert levels in wake of threats from terrorist organizations of retaliation.