Lebanon reports rockets fired by Israeli Air Force in Syria

IDF does not confirm report, two rockets reportedly fired at southern Syrian village close to Israel border


The Lebanese newspaper Al Mayadeen reported that Israeli Air Force helicopters fired two missiles at a village in southern Syria Sunday afternoon. The report claims that the village of Mizrat Al-Amal was hit not far from the border crossing Quneitra on the Israeli border.

The IDF did not confirm the report, when asked for a statement, the IDF responded “We do not respond to foreign reports.” The IDF typically does not confirm reports of strikes, but Israel has been clear it will do everything possible to prevent arms transfers to terrorist organization such as Hezbollah.

Israel has been reported of hitting sites in Syria several times, the last occurrence in December when Israel reportedly struck a weapons storage facility not far from Damascus. Lebanese reports claimed at least 10 hits on intelligence locations belonging to Iran.