Israel on high alert ahead of heavy storm to begin Tuesday

Police, IDF, local authorities all working to prepare for storm following last year’s Storm Alexa; Major roads to Jerusalem closed; Storm to continue through Thursday

Heavy winds and high waves as Israel braces for major storm (Yuval Shlomo)

Heavy winds and high waves as Israel braces for major storm (Yuval Shlomo)

Israel began preparations Monday night for a large storm which is set to hit the Jewish State Tuesday night. The storm, expected to last three days, is expected to bring heavy winds, rain and snow to the region.

Jerusalem’s Municipality has already closed major roads and highways into the State’s capitol, preparing for what Israeli media is expecting to be a “blizzard”. Israeli Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld stated that, “Extra emergency response units and 4X4s are on standby in Jerusalem to assist stranded vehicles on the highways.”

The IDF has deployed armored personnel carriers and bulldozers near communities expected to be hit by heavy snow such as Jerusalem, Safed and through the Galilee and Golan Heights.

The Israeli police, IDF, Israel Electric Company and local authorities are all working together to avoid chaos and damage which was caused last year during Storm Alexa, in which hundreds were stranded in their homes in Jerusalem with no electricity. Airport and Sea Authority’s have been placed on minimum based on the storm’s expected outcomes.

Southern communities in Israel have been placed on heavy alert, specifically communities near the Dead Sea and in Negev desert regions to avoid travelling during heavy rainfall due to the dangers of flash floods.

Rain is expected to start through the north and center of Israel on Tuesday afternoon, with heavy winds from the Mediterranean. By Wednesday, meteorologists predict snow will cover Israel’s northern mountains and through the Galilee and Jerusalem regions, snow storms starting as early as Tuesday in the Golan Heights.

Already on Tuesday afternoon, heavy winds and 10 meter high waves were reported from center of Israel along the coast.