Palestinians officially request to join International Criminal Court

Following Security Council rejection of Palestinian statehood proposal, PA submit request to join ICC where they currently holder observer status

The ICC (Shuttershock)

The ICC (Shuttershock)

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has officially requested that the International Criminal Court investigate Israel on charges of war crimes during Operation Protective Edge over summer of 2014. The request was submitted by the Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations, Riyad to Assistant Secretary-General for Legal Affairs Stephen Mathias on Friday morning.

The process could take up to 60 days. the Palestinians hold “observer status” in the ICC.

The move comes after the Palestinian statehood proposal was rejected by the United Nations Security Council. Abbas signed a request to join the International Criminal Court on Wednesday, signing a total of 20 international treaties.

He stated on the decision, “We want to complain about the harm caused to us and to our land. Who shall we complain to? The Security Council refused our request. Where will we go? To the international organizations… Tonight we sign 20 different international treaties, even though we have the right to join any international institutions.”

On Thursday, Prime Minister Netanyahu stated on the Palestinian Authority’s move,  “We [Israel] expect the ICC to reject the hypocritical request by the Palestinian Authority, which is not a state but an entity linked to a terrorist organization” in reference to the unity government still in tact between Hamas and the PA.