Netanyahu addresses Iranian effort to intensify terror in Judea and Samaria

Netanyahu addresses Iranian efforts to intensify terror in West Bank including announcement of intention to send arms; Criticizes UN “honoring” of Palestinian incitement; PA to push for Security Council vote of draft proposal by Monday

Netanyahu ahead of cabinet meeting Sunday (Emil Salman)

Netanyahu ahead of cabinet meeting Sunday (Emil Salman)


During his weekly cabinet meeting Sunday, Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the Palestinian Authority’s ambassador to Iran’s comments over the weekend that Iran intends to send weapons to the West Bank and the United Nation’s for “honoring” Palestinian incitement.

Netanyahu criticized the United Nations and international community, specifically pointing out the over 20 Human Rights Council resolutions against Israel with only one passed against Syria. He stated, “Instead of dealing with this incitement, it gives it a place of honor, the same incitement that leads in the end to the terror acts that we have experienced lately.” The prime minister was referencing the recent draft resolution submitted by the Palestinian Authority to the Security Council for statehood.

Senior negotiator for the Palestinian Authority Saeb Erekat stated on Friday that the PA intends to press the Security Council to vote on the draft resolution by Monday.

Addressing the PA ambassador in Iran’s comments Netanyahu stated, “None other than the PA ambassador to Tehran said he was enthusiastic about the instructions by Iranian leader Khamenei to send weapons to the West Bank..” He quoted the ambassador who stated that, “The Zionist entity is an aggressive cancerous growth that sooner or later must be eliminated.”

On the rise of threats in the West Bank Netanyahu stated, “In recent weeks we have seen a stepped-up Iranian effort to intensify terrorist actions in Judea and Samaria” adding that Israel will do what is needed to protect the Jewish State.