Palestinian Authority to submit draft resolution to Security Council Wednesday

During major meeting, PA decides to continue security arrangements with Israel following threats to discontinue after death of Abu Ein; PA announces it will submit draft resolution to Security Council; European and Western leaders to hold meetings before Wed. in attempts to alter proposal

The Palestinian Authority (GettyImages)

The Palestinian Authority (GettyImages)

Leaders of the Palestinian Authority have announced Sunday that they will move forward with submitting their draft resolution to the United Nations Security Council calling on Israel’s withdrawal from the West Bank as per 1967 borders. Jordan will reportedly submit the draft on Wednesday.

During a large-scale meeting on Sunday, the Palestinian Authority addressed security cooperation with Israel as well as proposed revisions to the draft proposal by European states. Both United States and European leaders have quickly scheduled meetings with Palestinian and Israeli leaders in light of the PA’s decision.

The resolution calls for recognition of an independent Palestinian state, as well as Israel’s complete withdraw from East Jerusalem and the West Bank with a deadline set for 2016.

The Palestinian Authority has threatened to discontinue security arrangements with the Jewish State and pursue Israel at the International Criminal Court in The Hague on war crimes if the resolution falls through.

The United States has been clear in the past that it would veto such a draft resolution as it undermines peace and resumption of peace negotiations, a US State Department official stating on the draft resolution, “It would be premature for us to discuss documents that are of uncertain status right now”.

Reports claim that Secretary of State John Kerry will meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu in Rome Monday to discuss this development and that France, Germany and Britain are discussing revisions to the proposal.

Kerry will then reportedly visit Paris to meet with European officials on alterations and issues surrounding the draft proposal. He will then meet the Palestinian’s chief negotiator Saeb Erekat and a delegation from the Arab League.

Palestinian media have reported they would be willing to accept alterations to the proposal if in agreement by Wednesday.

More importantly during the Palestinian Authority meeting on Sunday, the PA has agreed to continue security cooperation with Israel and the IDF after threats to discontinue cooperation following the death of PA Settlement Minister Ziad Abu Ein last Wednesday in a demonstration in the West Bank.

Abu Ein collapsed and died from a heart attack, several Palestinian leaders and factions accusing Israel of “assassination” and “murder”. An autopsy carried out by the Palestinian Health Ministry proved he in fact died from a heart attack.

The collapse of security cooperation with Israel would be a major step back amidst calm following weeks of violence and terror attacks.

While Ziad Abu Ein was considered one of the Palestinian Authority’s main leaders within the Fatah party, international media did not shed light on his past involvement as a terrorist in a bombing against Israeli youth.

Abu Zein was a senior member of the Abu Nidal terrorist organization, known as Fatah’s Revolutionary Guard, an organization with a history of promoting and inciting violence against Israelis and “the occupation”.

Ziad Abu Ein fled to the United States after his participation in the 1979 terror attack in Tiberias that killed two and wounded 36 others. He was later extradited back to Israel and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

He was released in the Jibril prisoner exchange in 1985, a deal in which 1,150 security prisoners, both Arab and Palestinian, were released in exchange for 3 Israeli prisoners, Yosef Grof, Nissim Salem, Hezi Shai, who were captured during the First Lebanese War.