Reported airstrikes in Syria kill two Hezbollah agents

Following reports of no casualties, two Hezbollah operatives reported dead; Confirmation of targets hit proving they held Russian-made anti-aircraft; Russian and Iranian officials accuse Israel of extremism

Reported fire from Israeli airstrike in Syria from Syrian media

Reported fire from Israeli airstrike in Syria from Syrian media

Reports from Syria are claiming that Israeli airstrikes carried out on Syria in two verified locations were most likely targeting a warehouse containing new Russian-made anti-aircraft missiles that were en route to Lebanon. The missiles were believed to be air-defense missiles that were to be transferred to Hezbollah.

Reports late on Monday afternoon claim that two Hezbollah operative were killed in the in airstrikes. The reports coming after 24 hours in which various Syrian and Arab media claimed there were no causalities. According to the reports by Al-Arabi, one of the two killed was a senior official of Hezbollah.

Lebanon’s Al Ahkbar claimed that eight Israeli warplanes attacked two sites, claiming, “The first site attacked was near Damascus International Airport, is a hangar for unloading goods. The second site was reportedly a row of hangars within a military installation.”

The airstrikes struck near Damascus and Dimas airfield, where the missiles were believed to be stored. The weapons were reportedly recently delivered to Syria, media sources unsure of from where but suspect Iran’s involvement.

Russia demanded Monday morning an explanation from Israel for the airstrikes, reportedly evening sending a letter to the United Nations accusing Israel of “aggressive action” against Syria. A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry stating that, “Moscow is deeply worried by this dangerous development, the circumstances of which demand an explanation.

Both Iranian and Syrian senior officials accused Israel of acting as “extremist groups” in Syria, in reference to rebel forces fighting against Assad’s regime.