Syria reports Israeli airstrikes near Damascus

A reported 10 explosions from airstrikes in military position and close to Damascus international airport; Israel nor IDF confirm strikes were from Israel; International sources claim target was new Russian made anti- aircraft missiles en route to Lebanon.

Alleged footage of Israeli airstrike in Syria

Alleged footage of Israeli airstrike in Syria

Several Syrian media sources are claiming that Israeli jets bombed areas near Damascus’s international airport and in the town of Dimas, not far from the border with Lebanon. Dimas is a known military position.

Neither Israel nor the IDF have confirmed the reports.

Syrian news agency SANA stated on the reported airstrikes that, “In flagrant attack the Israeli enemy executed strikes on two security installations this afternoon on the outskirts of Damascus, near the international airport…. This direct aggression was undertaken to aid the terrorists in Syria after our forces claimed major victories in a-Zur and Aleppo” referring to the claimed attacks as “an aggression against Syria”.

An additional media source stated, “The Israeli enemy committed aggression against Syria by targeting two safe areas in Damascus province, in all of Dimas and near the Damascus International Airport.”

Reports claim at least 10 explosions as well as video footage of the airstrikes.

International media reports on Tuesday claim eight Israel Air Force warplanes participated in the strikes on the outskirts of Damascus, targeting what is most likely believed to have been  a warehouse containing new Russian-made anti-aircraft missiles that were en route to Lebanon.

There have been several cases of airstrikes in Syria, Israel not confirming the strikes most often. The last reported airstrike was in July following a rocket fired from Syria into Israel.

Majority of strikes in Syria have been reported to have targeted attempted weapons shipments to Hezbollah or weapons storage facilities.

In his weekly cabinet meeting Sunday, Prime Minister Netanyahu stated “We are closely monitoring the Middle East and what is happening with open eyes and ears, and a lot is happening. We will stay informed and we will deal with these unremitting threats and challenges. We will deal with them with the same responsibility that we have up until now.”