Netanyahu fires Finance and Justice Ministers in move towards national elections

PM fires both Livni and Lapid as government coalition dissolves in order to “receive a clear mandate from the people to lead Israel”; Israel to soon hold elections

Livni and Lapid in the Knesset (Flash90)

Livni and Lapid in the Knesset (Flash90)

Prime Minister Netanyahu fired both Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and Finance Minister Yair Lapid Tuesday night, a move made to dissolve the current government and coalition and move towards national elections.

Netanyahu instructed Cabinet Secretary Avicahi Mandelblit to inform the senior ministers of their termination, a result of Livni and Lapid’s “forcefully attacking the government.”

Livni accused Israel’s prime minister of “extremism, provocativeness and paranoia” and “inciting sectors in Israel against each other” in reference to the recent wave of violence, riots and terror attacks by Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Following a meeting between the two leaders on Tuesday morning, Livni stated that it was “already yesterday at midnight it was clear that we’re going to elections.”

Netanyahu stated on the decision, “In recent weeks, including the last 24 hours, Ministers Lapid and Livni harshly attacked the government I’m heading. I won’t tolerate any more opposition within the government, I won’t tolerate ministers attacking from within the government the government’s policies and its leader.”

He stated that the dissolving of the coalition is to “receive a clear mandate from the people to lead Israel” as the State of Israel will soon hold elections for a new government.”

The prime minister will make a national televised address Tuesday evening with elections likely to occur in March of 2015.