The UN Security Council rejects Palestinian statehood resolution

Security Council rejects statehood resolution following reports earlier that Arab and Palestinian sources claim 9 votes of member states; Britain, Canada and USA confirm disapproval of draft resolution, US clear it will veto if passed; Netanyahu: Israel will oppose conditions that endanger our future.

UN Security Council (Reuters)

UN Security Council (Reuters)


UPDATE:The UN Security Council has rejected the Palestinian statehood resolution.
8 of 15 countries voted in favor: China, France, Russia, Argentina, Chad, Chile, Jordan & Luxembourg, 2 opposed: USA and Australia and 5 abstained: UK, Lithuania, Nigeria, Korea & Rwanda.

Arab and Palestinian sources claimed earlier on Tuesday that they have secured a majority of votes on the statehood resolution submitted to the United Nations Security Council calling on Israel’s withdraw from the West Bank by 2017 and for “ending Israeli occupation”. The draft resolution additionally calls for Jerusalem’s division to allow for East Jerusalem to be the capitol of a future Palestinian state.

The draft resolution, which was resubmitted on Monday, must receive 9 out of 15 votes from the Council in order to pass. The Security Council is reportedly set to vote Tuesday night.

Palestinian media reported Tuesday evening that both France and Luxembourg plan to vote in favor, the United States clear it would veto the resolution if passed.

Both Britain and Canada have also confirmed they would not support the draft resolution, British Ambassador to the UN Mark Grant stating on the draft resolution, “There’s some difficulties with the text, particularly language on time scales, new language on refugees. So I think we would have some difficulties.”

Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird stated that “Canada fundamentally believes that Palestinian statehood can only be a by-product of negotiations with the State of Israel. We have long rejected unilateral action on either side, as we believe it is ultimately unhelpful to the cause of peace…. The resolution that was submitted to the United Nations Security Council on December 29 is just another attempt to circumvent negotiations and place preconditions on future discussions. Canada therefore calls upon members of the UN Security Council to reject this resolution and instead use its influence to urge both sides to sit down without preconditions.”

On Monday State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke stated, “We don’t think this resolution is constructive. We think it sets arbitrary deadlines for reaching a peace agreement and for Israel’s withdrawal from the West Bank, and those are more likely to curtail useful negotiations than to bring them to a successful conclusion. Further, we think that the resolution fails to account for Israel’s legitimate security needs, and the satisfaction of those needs, of course, integral to a sustainable settlement.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu stated in a meeting with Indiana Governor Mike Pence Monday that “Israel will oppose conditions that endanger our future,” stating on the draft resolution and international community, “We expect the entire international community – at least the responsible members of that community – to oppose vigorously this UN diktat, this UN Security Council resolution. Because what we need always is direct negotiations and not imposed conditions.”

Netanyahu addresses Iranian effort to intensify terror in Judea and Samaria

Netanyahu addresses Iranian efforts to intensify terror in West Bank including announcement of intention to send arms; Criticizes UN “honoring” of Palestinian incitement; PA to push for Security Council vote of draft proposal by Monday

Netanyahu ahead of cabinet meeting Sunday (Emil Salman)

Netanyahu ahead of cabinet meeting Sunday (Emil Salman)


During his weekly cabinet meeting Sunday, Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the Palestinian Authority’s ambassador to Iran’s comments over the weekend that Iran intends to send weapons to the West Bank and the United Nation’s for “honoring” Palestinian incitement.

Netanyahu criticized the United Nations and international community, specifically pointing out the over 20 Human Rights Council resolutions against Israel with only one passed against Syria. He stated, “Instead of dealing with this incitement, it gives it a place of honor, the same incitement that leads in the end to the terror acts that we have experienced lately.” The prime minister was referencing the recent draft resolution submitted by the Palestinian Authority to the Security Council for statehood.

Senior negotiator for the Palestinian Authority Saeb Erekat stated on Friday that the PA intends to press the Security Council to vote on the draft resolution by Monday.

Addressing the PA ambassador in Iran’s comments Netanyahu stated, “None other than the PA ambassador to Tehran said he was enthusiastic about the instructions by Iranian leader Khamenei to send weapons to the West Bank..” He quoted the ambassador who stated that, “The Zionist entity is an aggressive cancerous growth that sooner or later must be eliminated.”

On the rise of threats in the West Bank Netanyahu stated, “In recent weeks we have seen a stepped-up Iranian effort to intensify terrorist actions in Judea and Samaria” adding that Israel will do what is needed to protect the Jewish State.

Hamas head in Turkey: We will liberate Palestine and Jerusalem

Mashaal visits Turkey, gives speech to AK Party calling for liberation of Palestine and Jerusalem; Mashaal set to visit Tehran; Iranian FM claims relations between Hamas and Iran “have never been cut”

Mashaal and Davutoglu in Turkey Saturday (Reuters)

Mashaal and Davutoglu in Turkey Saturday (Reuters)

During a visit to Turkey Saturday, Hamas political chief Khaled Mashaal gave a speech in which he stated he hoped Hamas and Turkey would “liberate Palestine and Jerusalem”.

In his short speech to Turkey’s leading AK Party in Anatolia, Mashal praised Turkey’s leadership stating, “A democratic, stable and developed Turkey is a source of power for all Muslims” and that a “strong Turkey means a strong Jerusalem, a strong Palestine. Inshallah, God is with us and with you on the road to victory. Inshallah we will liberate Palestine and Jerusalem again in the future.”

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu stated “I greet all the brave people who claim Jerusalem … Our flag is the symbol of all the oppressed in the world” stating that the Turkey flag is a “symbol of the innocent in the world” adding “God is witness … this red flag will fly side by side with the flags of Palestine, free Syria and all other innocents’ flags anywhere in the world”.

Journalist reported that the crowds called out “down with Israel” and “God is great”.

According to Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian, Mashaal is reportedly scheduled to visit Tehran in the near future. On relations between Iran and Hamas, he stated, “The relations between Hamas and the Islamic Republic of Iran have never been cut. The Islamic Republic of Iran, the Islamic countries and the region’s public opinion will never leave the oppressed Palestinian people alone.”

Two border police stabbed in Jerusalem following Thursday terror attack in West Bank

Police searching for suspect in stabbing of two border police in Jerusalem’s Old City; 11-year old girl suffers 3rd degree burns after Molotov cocktail thrown into vehicle in West Bank Thursday; High security in Jerusalem

Checkpoint in Old City Jerusalem Friday (Roi Yanovsky)

Checkpoint in Old City Jerusalem Friday (Roi Yanovsky)

Two Israeli Border Guards were stabbed in Old City Jerusalem early Friday morning following Muslim prayers in the holy site. One of the policeman, a 19 year old was stabbed in the neck, the second, 35, was stabbed in the hand.

Security forces have closed entry into the Lion Gate entrance to the Old City and have blocked roads and set up checkpoints in search of the assailants.

According to an initial investigation, an Arab suspect stabbed a border guard in the neck while leaving morning prayers, the second border guard wounded in attempting to rescue him.

Chief of Jerusalem’s Police Moshe Adri stated on the attack, “This is a serious event, an attack on police officers. The Jerusalem Police will work to apprehend the terrorist.”

This is the second terror attack in two days, a 11 year old girl, Ayala Shapira suffering from third degree burns in over 40% of her body after a Palestinian threw a Molotov cocktail in the vehicle she was in along with her father close to the Palestinian city of Nablus. Her father was also slightly injured in the attack.

Over 12 Palestinians were arrested on Friday morning from the town of Azzoun and are currently being questioned by the Shin Bet.

Ayala Shapira

Ayala Shapira

IDF patrol attacked on Gaza border, IDF responds with aerial and tank fire

Patrol targeted by machine gun and sniper fire, IDF soldier wounded in serious condition; IDF respond with airstrikes and tank fire; Hamas head of local reconnaissance killed

IDF tank on Gaza border (Reuters)

IDF tank on Gaza border (Reuters)

Palestinians opened fire on IDF patrol along the Gaza border Wednesday close to Kibbutz Kissufim. According to the IDF, sniper and machine gun fire targeted the patrol.

Reports later confirmed that an IDF soldier was seriously wounded in the clash and was rushed to a nearby hospital. His family has been notified.

The IDF responded with tank and aerial response killing the head of the local reconnaissance unit of Hamas’s military wing, Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades. Hamas reportedly has placed high-ranking commanders in hiding as well as moved Hamas forces close to the border with Israel.

Hamas stated on the attack, “Israel is playing with fire and bears full responsibility for the repercussions. It is the Palestinian people’s right to defend itself.”

The exchange of fire between the terrorists and IDF is the most escalated occurrence since Operation Protective Edge.

IDF Spokesman Peter Lerner stated on the attack, “Hamas sniper attack is an outrageous act of aggression. The IDF will continue to protect its forces & the border area.”


Coca Cola factory to open in Gaza Strip

Israel oversees first shipments of machinery, building to begin this week; Factory estimated to employ up to 1,000 employees

Shipment of machinery from Jordan to the Gaza Strip (Roee Idan)

Shipment of machinery from Jordan to the Gaza Strip (Roee Idan)

Coca Cola will open a factory in the Gaza Strip, the new factory construction beginning this week.

A Pepsi factory has been Gaza since 1962, producing 7-Up and Pepsi Cola production since 1997.

Israel approved the first imports of machinery into the Strip from Jordan, IDF Coordinator of Government Activities (COGAT) in the Territories overseeing the shipments. A reported 10 truckloads of machinery were delivered to Gaza on Monday and further shipments planned from Germany and Turkey.

The factory will be built in the Karmi industrial zone and is expected to eventually employ up to 1,000 employees, estimated building costs at $20 million.

Palestinian entrepreneurs Munib al-Masru and Zahi Khouri initiated the project, Khouri owning three Coca Cola franchises in the West Bank.

Director-general of the Palestinian National Beverage Company, Emad al-Hidi confirmed that the factory should be functioning by 2015 stating, “The factory building is ready, lines of produce are ready. We hope to be able to conclude all the stages without any obstacles.” He additionally stated that by 2016 that factory would most likely employ up to 360 Palestinians in Gaza.