Egyptian courts drops case against Mubarak

Following his ousted in 2013, Mubarak has been cleared of all charges and his case dropped Saturday

Muburak led to sentencing (AFP)

Muburak led to sentencing (AFP)

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been cleared of all charges. The president, who was removed from office on charges in connection to the deaths of hundreds of prisoners, was found not guilty of corruption.

Mubarak was ousted from his role as president of Egypt in 2013 following charges he was responsible for ordering quell when the country’s citizens phased massive protests. Over 1,400 were killed in the nation’s crackdown on protests ordered by Mubarak.

Current Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has worked hard since the formation of Egypt’s new government to out the country of extremists, mainly the Muslim Brotherhood. He won elections in a landslide against Islamic factions running.

Sisi’s military campaign in the Sinai has been successful, with the destruction of smuggling tunnels into Gaza, illegalization of Hamas and crackdown of Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Jihad factions through out Egypt.

Over the weekend, Islamic groups, ahead of Mubarak’s sentencing announced their intentions to hold massive anti-government demonstrations through out Egypt. The main movement of the protests is know as the “Muslim Youth Intifada”.

Egypt’s military centered government has been strict since demonstrations and high casualties, issuing curfews and arrests for those who disturb the stability of Egypt.