Highest rise in Sea of Galilee as heavy storms continue through out Israel

With major rainstorms and heavy winds through out Israel, Sea of Galilee and major water sources in Israel increase dramatically

The Sea of Galilee (Travers)

The Sea of Galilee (Travers)

Rainstorms have swept all of Israel, levels of the Sea of Galilee raising over 1.75 inches, the highest increase in the Galilee’s water level this season. The high rise occurred just over few hours on Wednesday, the Sea now at over 212.83 meters, rainstorms expected to continue through rest of the week.

The rainstorms and floods have caused flooding, power outages and major traffic through out all of Israel. Police warned of major storms and heavy winds Tuesday night, winds reported as high as 62 miles per hour in the center and south of Israel. Southern and eastern Israel is under high alert due to the possibility of flash floods.

The high rise in rainfall has increased Israel’s major water sources, the main of which is the Sea of Galilee. The country has been in dire need of rainfall, following Israel’s dry summer and periods of draught.

The Galilee region received over 30 millimeters of rain, the Golan Heights received over 50 millimeters of rain. Israel’s Sharon (center) saw over 38 millimeters and Tel Aviv close to 100 millimeters. The Jewish State’s capitol Jerusalem received over 42 millimeters of rainfall.

Rainstorms and heavy winds are expected to continue through tomorrow, temperatures to drop on Friday morning as Israel enters its winter season.