In first fatality since the summer, IDF shoots Palestinian in Gaza

Suspect refused to stop approaching barrier fence; Second security-related occurrence Sunday morning

IDF patrol on the Gaza border (Reuters)

IDF patrol on the Gaza border (Reuters)

The IDF shot at two Palestinian suspects in the Gaza Strip Sunday morning. The suspects were approaching the security barrier with Israel east of Jabalia when IDF forces asked them to maintain their distance.

The suspects continued to walk closer to the barrier. Following shots in the air, IDF soldiers shot at the legs of the suspects, one fleeing and the other injured. He was rushed to a hospital by ambulance in Gaza.

The Palestinian Health Ministery later reported that Fadel Mohammad Halawa died from the shot wounds.

It is not clear why the suspects were approaching the security barrier.

The incident is the first fatality in Gaza since Operation Protective Edge which lasted for 50-days and ended in August.

Earlier on Sunday morning, IDF patrol on the Gaza border arrested two Palestinians who entered Israeli territory. One of the infiltrators was armed with a grenade. According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit such occurrences are normal and they do not believe the infiltrators were planning a terror attack.