Heavy rain in center Israel, temperatures to drop significantly over week

Heavy rain and flooding in Tel Aviv and center of Israel, flooding expected in south; Mt. Hermon expected to have first snow of season Tuesday

Flooding in northern Tel Aviv (Tuviya Golan)

Flooding in northern Tel Aviv (Tuviya Golan)

Israel experienced heavy rainfall and temperature drops over the Sabbath, regions through out the country flooding. Rain and low temperatures are expected to go on through the week as Israel enters its winter season.

Over 17 millimeters of rain fell in Tel Aviv in just an hours time, along with heavy winds up to 80 kilometers per hour through out the center of Israel. Smaller storms were reported through out the country.

Several streets in Tel Aviv flooded and meteorologists warn of stronger storms in southern Israel that may potentially cause flooding in the Dead Sea and region.

Temperatures are expected to drop significantly over the week and the first snow on the Mt. Hermon possible in the Golan Heights. Meteorologists have reported that it Israel is likely to experience the lowest temperatures for this time of year than normal.

Flooding in Tel Aviv Shmuel Pink

Flooding in Tel Aviv (Shmuel Pink)