Israeli police bust massive cache of weapons en route to East Jerusalem

Shipment included thousands of knives, firecrackers and Tasers as well as swords; Shipment was labeled and hidden amongst Christmas lights; Investigation underway

The shipment discovered on Thursday by Israeli Police

The shipment discovered on Thursday by Israeli Police

Israeli police intercepted a shipment containing thousand of knives, Tasers, swords and firecrackers  addressed to East Jerusalem hidden amongst Christmas lights. The discovery was made jointly by Israeli intelligence and customs officials who thwarted the attempted delivery.

The shipment contained over 5,200 knives, 18,000 firecrackers, 5,000 electric shock devices and over 1,000 swords. The shipment was addressed to the Beit Hanina neighborhood in East Jerusalem and arrived in Israel from China.

Israeli police have labeled the bust as the “largest seizure of weapons in Israel’s recent history” and are investigating the situation.

Police arrested three Israeli Arabs as they were unloading the shipment into a warehouse in Afula, northern Israel. They are currently being questioned for their involvement.

Palestinian and Arab rioters have been using Molotov cocktails, firecrakers and stones violently against Israeli security forces, recent terror attacks and attempted terror attacks have included the use of knives, axes, screwdrivers and guns.

On Tuesday of this week the Knesset Economics Committee voted to ban the import of fireworks as “Fireworks have become a significant danger to the security forces and we must eliminate their use as a weapon.”