Netanyahu addresses Iran and Palestinian violence during German FM visit

Prime Minister Netanyahu addresses Iran as deadline for final deal grows closes; Addresses Abbas and increased Palestinian and Arab violence in Israel

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Prime Minister Netanyahu Sunday evening (Mark Israel Salem)

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Prime Minister Netanyahu Sunday evening (Mark Israel Salem)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed Israel’s support for US strikes on Islamic State militants on Sunday during a press conference with Germany’s Foreign Minister German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. He additionally addressed increase violence by Palestinians against Israelis, including the wave of terror attacks in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the West Bank.

Netanyahu stated that, “To defeat ISIL but leave Iran as a nuclear threshold state is to win the battle and lose the war and we cannot afford to lose this war.”

The prime minister took the time to address the greatest threat to the Jewish state and Western world: Iran. He stated that Iran’s missile program and military developments are “intended for Europe and the United States, and their only purpose is to carry a nuclear payload…. Iran is not your ally. Iran is not your friend. Iran is your enemy.”

His remarks comes just a short period before world powers and the United States are to end negotiations with Iran, the deadline for a final deal set for November 24. Iran has received a previous extension for the deadline in July, an additional 6 months.

He stated on Iran’s attempts at diplomatic manipulation to ease sanctions, including the recent inauguration of a gold-processing plant that “The alternative to a bad deal is not war. The alternative to a bad deal are more sanctions, tougher sanctions, that will make Iran dismantle its capacity to make nuclear bombs,”

Netanyahu took the opportunity to address growing violence by Palestinians in Jerusalem and the West Bank, violence and riots that have resulted in over 100 Israelis being injured in terror attacks in the past month, an Israeli male, aged 32 stabbed in the back in Jerusalem on Sunday evening.

Netanyahu spoke at lengthen of Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas’s role in fueling tensions stating, “Palestinian Authority media, controlled media, called for what they called ‘a day of rage’ in Jerusalem, which further incites violence.”

On the Palestinian effort to bypass unilateral measures and steps for resumed peace talks with Israel, Netanyahu stated, “I think that the calls that have been coming from European countries, from European parliaments, to unilaterally recognize a Palestinian state pushed peace backwards because they don’t tell the Palestinians that they have to make their peace with a nation-state for the Jewish people. They just give the Palestinians a nation-state. They don’t tell the Palestinian Authority that they will have to make genuine compromises.”