Israeli stabbed in back with screwdriver in believed Jerusalem terror attack

Over 100 Israelis wounded in terror attacks in past month; Culprit believed to be a terrorist, investigation and search underway; Hamas praises attack; Fatah threatens to end security cooperation with Israel if draft bill does not pass in Security Council

Paramedics treat and then rush stab victim to nearby hospital (MDA_)

Paramedics treat and then rush stab victim to nearby hospital (MDA)

A 32 year-old Jewish resident of Jerusalem was stabbed in the back with a screwdriver on Sunday evening in what initial investigations believe to have been another terror attack. He was taken to the Western Wall not far from where the attack took place.

The attack occurred at Jerusalem’s light rail, where several terror attacks have taken place in the past few weeks.

The man reportedly walked alone following the attack until he found a border policeman, a spokesman for the police stating that the attacker is believed to have been Arab. Police forces have set roadblocks, the culprit believed to have fled to the Nablus Gate in the Old City section in Jerusalem.

The man was initially treated by Magen David Adom paramedics and is currently in moderate condition having been rushed to the hospital.

Hamas praised latest terror attack stating it is “natural response to Israel crimes”.

Over 100 Israelis have been wounded in the past month due to terror attacks in the West Bank and Jerusalem, as tensions are ongoing between Palestinian and Arabs with Israeli security forces and Jewish settlers in the West Bank.

Amidst growing violence, the Palestinian Authority and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) announced they are considering a halt to cooperation with Israeli security forces. The announcement came Sunday due to pressure from Islamic Factions and Hamas.

The Fatah party has reportedly begun preparing to end security cooperation with Israel if the Palestinian Authority draft resolution calling for Israel’s withdraw from the West Bank by 1967 borders is not recognized by the United Nations Security Council.

While several UN member states have expressed support for the bill, the United States has been clear it will veto such a vote if passed.

Fatah officials have claimed that the only diplomatic efforts for resumption of peace negotiations with Israel are dependent on Secretary of State John Kerry. A Fatah official, Muhammad Al-Madani stated on Sunday that “everything depends on the results of the current diplomatic efforts” in reference to talks held between Jordan’s Kind Abdullah II, Kerry and Prime Minister Netanyahu, their first meeting held last Thursday.