Netanyahu at UN: Once Iran produces atomic bombs, the charm and smiles will disappear

Netanyahu gives UN address focused on nuclear Iran, addresses ISIS, Hamas and media war on Israel; Netanyahu to meet with Obama on Wednesday

Netanyahu shows human shields during UN address

Netanyahu shows human shields during UN address

Prime Minister Netanyahu gave his speech to the United Nations General Assembly Monday afternoon. Addressing issues from Hamas to ISIS, the prime minister echoed his speech from last year focusing on Iran as the main threat not only to the Jewish state, but a global threat.

Addressing Hamas, Netanyahu compared Hamas to ISIS stating that they “are branches of the same poisonous tree. When it comes to their ultimate goal: Hamas is ISIS and ISIS is Hamas”. Netanyahu spoke of Israel’s fight against Hamas as a “world fight against militantism” stating, “Israel’s fight against Hamas is your fight. Israel is fighting what your countries might be forced to fight tomorrow.”

He spoke of Hamas’s use of human shields even showing a photo with children playing next to Hamas rocket launchers. He addressed the hypocrisy of the Human Rights Council accusations and criticism of Israel when Hamas uses its children as human shields stating, “Hamas cynically used Palestinians and UN schools as shields and storage sites while firing at Israel.”

The prime minister boldly stated, “The UNHRC has betrayed its noble mission to protect the innocent. The Human Rights Council has become the Terrorist Rights Council. Even the term ‘UN Human Rights Council’ is an oxymoron.”

On slander and attacks on the IDF, Netanyahu stated, “No other army in history has gone to greater lengths to avoid civilian casualties.” On the Palestinian use of the media he addressed how Israel “faced a propaganda war because in an attempt to gain sympathy, Hamas used human shields, homes and hospitals to fire rockets at Israel while Israel surgically struck military targets.”

Netanyahu pointed out the hypocrisy of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas of accusing Israel of “genocide” when he, the head of the unity government of Hamas and Fatah, lays idle to human rights violations with Gaza, including the use of children as human shields and executions of those who refused to be human shields.

On the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Netanyahu addressed Israel’s goal to “transform our common interests with moderate Arab states to a partnership that can facilitate peace with Palestinians.”

The prime minister spoke at length on nuclear Iran as the largest threat to the Western world. He pointed out Iranian President Rouhani’s “crocodile tears” in his UN address last week stating, “Don’t be fooled by Iran’s manipulative charm offensive. Once Iran produces atomic bombs, all the charm will suddenly disappear.”

He spoke of the necessity to not lose focus on Iran as a global threat to the Islamic state stating, “To defeat ISIS and leave Iran as a threshold nuclear power is to win the battle and lose the war. It’s one thing to confront militant Islamists in a pickup truck with a rifle, another thing when they have weapons of mass destruction. Would you let ISIS enrich uranium or develop intercontinental ballistic missiles? Then you can’t let Iran either.”

Ending his speech, Netanyahu quoted Isaiah in Hebrew, then in English: For the sake of Zion, I will not be silent. For the sake of Jerusalem, I will not be still. Until her justice shines bright and her salvation glows like a flaming torch.

Netanyahu is scheduled to meet with President Obama on Wednesday.

Israeli-Arab teacher arrested for ties to Islamic State

24-year teacher of Islam arrested over suspicion of links to ISIS; Police find ISIS flag and banned jihad materials; Second arrest of Arab-Israeli with Islamic State ties

ISIS material in teacher's possession found by police search

ISIS material in teacher’s possession found by police search

An Israeli-Arab teacher was arrested on Monday on suspicion of ties to the Islamic State. Israeli police is currently questioning the man, a 24- year teacher of Islam in the Israeli-Arab town of Kafr Kanna in the Galilee region.

Police found an ISIS flag and books, files and documents related to banned terrorists organizations.

According to reports, the man attained the materials in Jordan. A spokesman for the Israeli police stated that he “was recently in Jordan, and is being questioned by police in connection with being associated with the Islamic State… We confiscated materials from his house, including computers and flags and other [items] connected with the Islamic State…he brought back the materials from Jordan, and the investigation is continuing.”

He will be held in detention until Wednesday where he will appear before a court in Hadera.

This is the second arrest made, a 23-year old from the same town as the arrested. Ahmed Shurbaji was convicted of illegally entering Syria and undergoing illegal military training under a militant group in connection with the Islamic State.

He was convicted on “leaving to take part in military training in any rival nation, in general, and in Syria, in particular, under the authority of ISIS specifically, presents a security offense which carries great danger to the defense of Israel.”

It is believed that at least 10 Arab-Israelis have left Israel to fight with the Islamic State. Israeli intelligence believe that there have been additional cases joining rebel groups connected with the Free Syrian Army with several reports of Israeli-Arabs being killed in Syria’s civil War.

Iran unveils new land-based cruise missile

Iran announces development of domestic land-based missile system with 700 kilometer range; Iran to test missiles systems this week

Iranian display of missile arsenals

Iranian display of missile arsenals

Iran has developed its first land-based cruise missile, Ya Ali as reported by the Iranian Fars News Agency.

The new missile system reportedly has a range of 700 kilometers and capable of being fired from ground launchers. Iran has previously boasted land-bases cruise missiles with a range of 300 kilometers until now.

Iranian Revolutionary Guars Aerospace Force Brig.-Gen Amir Ali Haizadeh confirmed the development of the missiles system stating, “It is a land-based cruise missile built by the IRGC Aerospace Force and another land-based cruise missile has also been built by the defense ministry.”

Head of Iran’s Air Defense Quarters, Farzad Esmaili spoke on Iranian television of 3-Irananian domestic built missile and artillery systems and Ya Ali development as boosting Iran’s military potential. He also stated that Iran would hold “significant firing of missiles” exercises this week.

Abbas accuses Israel of genocide in Gaza in UN speech

In UN address Abbas refers to Israel as “colonial occupying power”, accuses Israel of genocide, announces plans to establish timetable for “independence” before Security Council

Abbas at UN speech

Abbas at UN speech

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of committing genocide in the Gaza Strip during Operation Protective Edge. In his speech before the United Nations on Friday, Abbas accused Israel of “seeking the continuation and entrenchment of the occupation” as well as announced his plans to seek approval from the Security Council for a draft resolution to establish a timetable for “independence”.

Abbas started his speech stating that “In this year, proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly as the International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian people, Israel has chosen to make it a year of a new war of genocide perpetrated against the Palestinian people.” He even referred to Israel as a “colonial occupying power.”

On the draft resolution he spoke of united Arab efforts to move forward in the establishment of a Palestinian state. He stated, “During the past two weeks, Palestine and the Arab Group undertook intensive contacts with the various regional groups in the United Nations to prepare for the introduction of a draft resolution to be adopted by the United Nations Security Council on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to push forward the efforts to achieve peace.”

Abbas insisted on Jerusalem as the capitol city of the future Palestinian state, as well as a return to 67’ borders. He stated that “This endeavor aspires to correct the deficiency of the previous efforts to achieve peace by affirming the goal of ending the Israeli occupation and achieving the two-state solution, of the State of Palestine, with east Jerusalem as its capital, over the entire territory occupied in 1967, alongside the State of Israel and reaching a just and agreed upon solution to the plight of the Palestine refugees on the basis of resolution 194, with a specific timeframe for the implementation of these objectives as stipulated in the Arab Peace Initiative.”

Last month Abbas refused an offer by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi for 617-square miles (five times the size of Gaza) of the Sinai Peninsula for the establishment of a Palestinian state. The designated land would have solved the Palestinian refugee problem.

Abbas stated, “This will be linked to the immediate resumption of negotiations between Palestine and Israel to demarcate the borders, reach a detailed and comprehensive agreement and draft a peace treaty between them.”

On Thursday, Fatah and Hamas announced an agreement for the return of its unity government. Hamas openly calls for the destruction of the State of Israel and refuses to directly negotiate with Israel, an issue that will affect resumed talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.


Iraqi PM: Islamic State planning attacks on US, Paris subway systems

Al-Abadi gives intelligence reports of Islamic State plans to launch attacks on Paris and US Subway stations; France strikes ISIS targets in Iraq


Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has received what he described as “credible” intelligence of plans by the Islamic State to launch attacks on subway systems in the United States and Paris, France.

Al-Abadi stated to American reported on Thursday evening, “Today, while I am here, I am receiving accurate reports from Baghdad where there were arrests and there are networks planning from inside Iraq to have attacks. They plan to have attacks in the metros of Paris and the US. From the details I have received, yes it looks credible.”

When asked if the attacks were yet thwarted, he stated “no” and added that the United States has been alerted on the intelligence report.

The intelligence reports come after 13 US-led strikes were carried out on Islamic State controlled territory in Syria near the border of Iraq and an additional 5 strikes close to the Turkish border overnight Wednesday into Thursday.

ISIS has reportedly reinforced fighters who are currently battling Kurdish forces for control of a Syrian town near the Turkish border, a Kurdish military official reporting that the redeployment follows a US-led airstrike, which triggered the move.

According to reports, 141 jihadists from the Islamic State and al-Nusra Front have been killed in the past two days, 84 from the Islamic State and 57 from al-Nusra Front.

French fighter jets struck Islamic State targets in Iraq today, its first military action against ISIS since joining the United States military action against ISIS in Iraq.

Jews worldwide celebrate Rosh Hashanah 5775

Jews worldwide celebrate Rosh Hashanah; Israel’s population grows nearly 2%


Jews worldwide celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, Wednesday and Thursday. The holiday marks the beginning of the Hebrew year of 5775.

And as Jews worldwide commemorate the Jewish New Year, Israel’s population has grown 1.99 % since last Rosh Hashanah with an estimated population of 8,904,373.

In the past year, over 176,230 babies were born, 140,591 Israelis registered to marry and 75,848 married.

Over 24,801 Jews immigrated to Israel, many due to mass increase of anti-Semitism. French Jews are making aliyah (immigrating) to Israel in the highest numbers, with 4,566 French immigrants arriving in Israel from January until August. The Jewish Agency expects over 6,000 to move to Israel in 2014.

On average, between the years of 1989 and 2013, 1,943 French immigrants made aliyah.

There have been 2,632 immigrants from Russia and 3,252 from Ukraine. 2,218 Jews made aliyah from the United States.

During his Sunday cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Netanyahu stated on the increase in Israel’s population, “I can say that there are more than six million Jews in Israel, in light of the course our people has taken in the last century” in reference to the six million Jews lost in the Holocaust.

He stated that Israel is “not short of challenges… but our strength is unifying the nation and repelling our enemies.”

Suspects in murder of Israeli teens killed in IDF West Bank raid

Operation Brother’s Keeper ends after IDF and Shin Bet raid which killed two main suspects; Families of the teenagers states: The world bears witness that Jewish blood is not forsaken.


Amar Abu-Eisha and Marwan Kawasmeh

The IDF and Israel’s Security Agency (Shin Bet) killed the two main suspects in the murder of Gil-Ad Shaer, Naftali Frenkel, and Eyal Yifrach. In an operation carried out on Tuesday morning, the suspects, Amar Abu-Eisha and Marwan Kawasmeh were confirmed dead by both the IDF and Hamas.

Israeli forces arrived at the location of the kidnappers in the West Bank on Tuesday morning to arrest them when a firefight broke out. The two were killed by gunfire. Security forces additionally arrested three sons of the suspect Arafat Kawasmeh who was arrested last month and confessed to planning and accomplishing the abduction which was funded by Hamas.

The IDF and Shin Bet have been searching for the suspects since the murder of the three teenagers in June.

 Gil-Ad Shaer, Naftali Frenkel, and Eyal Yifrach

Gil-Ad Shaer, Naftali Frenkel, and Eyal Yifrach

A spokesman for Hamas, Hussam Barduan confirmed the death of the terrorists and praised their “sacrifice” and stating, “Two members of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Amar Abu-Eisha and Marwan Kawasmeh, were killed after a long life of sacrifice and giving. This is the way of the resistance and we follow in its wake step after step.”

IDF Chief of Staff stated on the operation, “On the eve of Rosh HaShana (the Jewish new year) Operation Brother’s Keeper, which began on June 13th, has ended. We promised the Shaer, Frenkel and Yifrah families we would get the murders of their sons, and this morning we did it.”

The families of Eyal, Gil-Ad and Naftali released a joint statement, “We are proud of our government and security forces for standing firm on the demand that our sons’ murderers will meet justice. The world bears witness that Jewish blood is not forsaken.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu stated on the operation and end to Operation Brother’s Keeper,”I spoke with the teens’ parents a short while ago and I told them that nothing with ease their pain and bring back their boys, but there is also the account of justice. We performed the action that we promised to perform. When we found the bodies I said that whoever carried out the kidnapping and murder has their blood on their own heads. This morning, the mission was completed. We said from the first moment that Hamas was responsible and they even admitted it. I would like to commend the excellent intelligence work of the Shin Bet.”